Miscellaneous information about Perl

Your are here because you looked for some information about Perl and we provided this information for you. We don’t intend to be exhaustive – practically Perl is so widely documented and developed that makes it impossible or utopic to do it.

If you are interested in Perl network, web or internet programming developer, you are also in the right place. From Perl basics, database, modules, objects, editors, compile, debugging, installing to some interfaces between Perl and CGI, HTML, PHP, ASP, Javascript, MySql, XML, C and many others, we supply here the main information you need in order to succeed developing such applications.

In your way to programming Perl application or writing scripts it happens sometimes that you need some help to pass over some problems you encountered and you don’t know how to fix it – or perhaps you made it sometimes before but forgot how to do it. For such things is the Internet for and I am very happy not only to supply such information for you, but to use it myself when I need something to help me write some code in my own applications.

You'll find here a tutorial about the Perl basics and in the same time we provide all you need to find free stuff, tutorials, books and e-books, a lot of resources to help you improve your Perl programming skills.

I hope that if you landed on one of my pages by searching, you find the information you are looking for and this helped you to resolve the problem. Or if you are here for general information about Perl, I suggest you to browse the map page and see by yourself if what you find here is of interest to you.

The site is continuously updated, so please bookmark and revisit it again.

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Perl Basics
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Perl Books
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Perl Editors
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Perl Modules
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Internet Programming Perl
Internet Programming Perl - a very comfortable way to manage the internet connections
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