Enginsite Perl Editor - an integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing and debugging Perl scripts

Enginsite Perl Editor Lite (or Professional version) is a Windows platform powerful editor and represents a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing and debugging Perl scripts.

It works on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP or later. It allows the user to design and develop sophisticated Perl applications. The visual environment is much alike some other windows programming tools: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, etc and will make your programming tasks easier to do.

It is available in two version: Professional and Lite (freeware). There are some significant differences between the two versions, which I will show you a bit later. The editor can be downloaded from the page:


Although this editor can be run in only one instance (it creates a mutex to prevent running more instances), this is not an inconvenient because the editor has a multiple document interface (MDI) which allow you to edit one or more Perl scripts in the same time.

It has many other features from which we mention the most important below:

  • the scripts you create may be used on any system which supports Perl (Unix, Windows NT, Mac, etc.).
  • the standard output stream of the Perl script can be redirected to a specific browser
  • the execution of the script can be redirect to the command prompt
  • in the editing of the script you can use:
    • syntax highlighting for Perl, HTML and som other languages
    • customizable code templates - you can add, save, edit, rename and delete the templates
    • find and replace dialogs in correlation with regular expressions
    • context-sensitive Perl and JavaScript help
    • setting some Editor features
    • unlimited Undo/Redo capabilities
    • automatic syntax checking
  • navigate through the Perl functions, scalars, arrays and hashes
  • advanced comment system
  • using of CGI scripts (Get and Post methods to send form data to the server)

The enginsite perl editor professional has some more important capabilities you can use in your Perl Programming activities:

  • regular expression tester
  • light web server included (which doesn’t interfere with IIS server), so you can test your scripts on the local computer;
  • FTP client – it has integrated all the standard functions of a ftp client
  • advanced debugger capabilities – breakpoints, step by step execution, pause and continuing execution, error analysis
  • dive ino details of Perl Modules

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