Manipulate or modify an image using the Image Magick Perl module

The PerlMagick module

The Image Magick Perl module (or PerlMagick) represents an interface to ImageMagick software, enabling you to use the capabilities of this software from a Perl script, i.e. read, manipulate or modify an image from within a Perl script. It’s very important to keep in mind that in order to use this module, you must:

  • have both the PerlMagick module and the ImageMagick software installed on your computer
  • be sure to verify that you are using compatible distribution versions for the two products
  • check up if both modules are correctly installed, especially ImageMacick which is more complicated and comes with a lot of libraries

Image Magick lets you create, edit and compose bitmap images. The images you can use in this program are formatted in over 100 formats such as: gif, jpeg, jpeg-2000, pdf, png, tiff, etc. With the images you can do a variety if things including translate, flip, mirror, rotate, shear and transform images. It can also convert images from one format to another, adding special effects, text and shapes, create animation gifs and many more.

You can install ImageMagick both from source or binary releases. In order to download ImageMagick, please access the page link:


where you’ll also find some useful script examples and the listed methods you can use from inside a Perl script:

  • read, write, display or animate an image
  • image manipulation
  • getting and setting image attributes
  • create a composite image
  • convert a blob to or from a particular image format
  • direct access to image pixels
  • some other miscellaneous methods
PerlMagick can be downloaded from the link:

Image Magick Perl module

and in the archive you’ll find installation instructions and a number of PerlMagick demonstration scripts.

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