"Find Out How You Can Use The Perl chomp Function In The Most Frequent Situations You’re Confronted With When You Write A Perl Script …

… See In Minutes A Lot Of Complete Code Solutions From Which You Can Copy Pieces of Code And Paste Them Directly In Your Own Script"

Any time you need to read some lines from a file (including the standard input) you must clear the newlines from the end of each line and the chomp function is the best choice to do it.

I received on my site thousands of search queries regarding how to use the Perl chomp function in different situations. The page on my site that is dedicated to this topic contains only a few examples about how to use it, I didn’t have there enough space to cover in detail the most significant cases where you can use it.

So, I selected the most frequently asked questions regarding the Perl chomp topic and I supplied in this eBook the complete solution for all of them.

Now You Can Save Time And Find In Minutes The Answer To Your Question

If you don’t know how to use the Perl chomp function in a specific context, it is most probable you’ll find the answer in this eBook.

Of course you can continue searching trough the forums to find the answer of your question but in this case you need to choose, test and interpret yourself the answer provided in the forums.

In this eBook I give you a lot of working code that you can implement in minutes in your script. And not only that, all the provided snippet codes are fully functional, i.e can be copied and tested in your command line window. Next, they can be integrated in a script and uploaded to your site.

In order to make the scripts very easy to understand, I commented in detail each snippet code so you will not have any problem to understand and implement it.

Table Of Contents

I think you can use this eBook to find out very fast how to use the chomp function in different situations. Please take a look at the table of contents to see what I mean:

1. Copyright
2. Introduction
  2.1. How to run the examples included in this eBook
    2.1.1. How to run the script in Windows
    2.1.2. How to run the script in Linux
3. Perl string functions
  3.1. Perl chomp Function
    3.1.1. The syntax forms
    3.1.2. How to use the return value of the chomp function
    3.1.3. How to chomp a string variable
    3.1.4. How to chomp an array
    3.1.5. Read file as a chomped array
    3.1.6. How to chomp the array elements one by one
    3.1.7. How to chomp a hash
    3.1.8. How to use chomp and the special variable $_
    3.1.9. How to use chomp with $/ and set $/ to different strings
    3.1.10. How to chomp a reference variable (scalar, array or hash)
    3.1.11. How to use chomp when reading from STDIN
    3.1.12. How to use chomp in a single line along with STDIN
    3.1.13. How to use chomp to remove all the trailing newlines from a string
    3.1.14. How to use chomp with foreach statement
    3.1.15. How to use chomp with while statement and STDIN
    3.1.16. How to use chomp along with defined and STDIN
    3.1.17. How to use chomp with last, next and redo loop controls
    3.1.18. A chomp, index, lc, uc, unshift and push example
    3.1.19. How to chomp large data
    3.1.20. How to use chomp and push
    3.1.21. How to use chomp and split
    3.1.22. How to use chomp, lc and if on STDIN
    3.1.23. How to use chomp and hex
    3.1.24. How to chomp complex data structures using a recursive subroutine
    3.1.25. How to use chomp when reading multiline strings
    3.1.26. How to remove LF or CR at the end of a line read from a text file
    3.1.27. How to use chomp with a binary file
    3.1.28. Which is the difference between chop and chomp

But there’s a lot more. You’ll find a lot of examples about how to use the if, while, foreach statements, how to use the input standard file handle, the diamond operator, regular expressions, how to convert a hex string into a character string and vice-versa, how to use chomp with multidimensional arrays and hashes, how to use the special variables $_, $/, @_ and much more.

And as a bonus, I give you a "Perl Glossary" eBook to help you better understand the topics included in my tutorial.

A Sample From My eBook

To have a first look about what you could expect to find inside, I invite you to download for free a sample from my "Perl chomp Function Tutorial" and "Perl Glossary" eBooks.

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  • I prepared a bonus for you – an additional 17 page glossary eBook (PDF format) meant to help you understand better the topics included in this eBook tutorial
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PS. Don’t forget that this eBook will help you with a lot of examples about how to use one of the most important Perl topics. You’ll use the Perl chomp function again and again, on strings, arrays or hashes and you need to find working examples quickly about how to implement it.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I give you a working recursive subroutine to go through and chomp your complex data structures. In the example shown in the eBook I exemplify on an array of arrays and on a hash of hashes. You can use this subroutine to perform whatever you want instead of chomp by modifying the code appropriately.

I am a computer professional and my background in the computer field and at University assures me that I offer you a very valuable resource that can make your programming tasks easier.

PPS. This eBook contains almost 50 commented script examples covering more than 25 situations where you need to use the chomp function.

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7.50 US$ only

2.99 US$ only (limited time offer)

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