A Summary Tutorial of Perl Basics Features

Perl Basics features - this tutorial is a great opportunity to master and improve your skill in using Perl language. Perl is an open-source server-side programming language and one of the most popular web programming language. It is also a cross platform programming language and supports vary operating systems such as Unix, Windows, Solaris, Macintosh.

Before playing with Perl, you must check if you have Perl installed on your computer. Some operating systems such as Linux and Unix have already installed Perl, so all you have to do is to use it. If you need some more information about how to install Perl or see its version, please see one of the links at the bottom of the page.

A Perl program is called script and can be created with any text editor and saved in a file with the extension .pl. But if you want to see highlighting syntax or some other important editing features, we suggest you to use some dedicate editor - see also our link : Perl Editors

At the bottom of the page we’ll provide some interesting links which will allow you to go more deeply into some important Perl topics. You’ll get information about Perl basics including:

  • installing Perl
  • running Perl
  • scalar data
  • variables and operators
  • lists and arrays
  • hashes
  • regular expression
  • pattern matching
  • statements
  • functions and subroutines
  • files and directories
  • forms
  • command line Perl
  • using modules
  • database access
  • using CGI from Perl

and much more. In order to light up some topics, we’ll provide some Perl code examples where we consider necessary.

But ... at this time of the development of my site, it's quite sure that not all the above features of Perl basics are well covered, please be patient with me and come back soon, and I hope that next time you'll find here more valuable information. Until then, enjoy your search!

Table of Contents:

A Perl Script
Install Perl
Running Perl
Perl Data Types
Perl Variables
Perl Operators
Perl Lists
Perl Arrays
    Array Size
    Array Length
Perl Hashes
Perl Statements
    Perl if
    Perl unless
    Perl switch
    Perl while
    Perl do-while
    Perl until
    Perl do-until
    Perl for
    Perl foreach
Built-in Perl Functions
    Functions by Category
        String Functions
        Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching
        List Functions
        Array Functions
        Hash Functions
        Miscellaneous Functions
    Functions in alphabetical order

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