Perl Miscellaneous Functions

There are a lot of Perl miscellaneous functions available in Perl which let you perform different operations on strings and scalars, arrays or hashes.

We’ll describe below some of the most frequently built-in Perl miscellaneous functions. Follow the available links to get more info about these functions.

defined it tests whether a value, variable or function is defined; using it on an entire array reports if the array has ever been allocated
scalar enables you to evaluate an expression in a scalar context and returns the value of that expression
undef it removes a variable or function definition; if you use it for an entire array, this function will clear the array and free up the system memory allocated for it

Table of Contents:

A Perl Script
Install Perl
Running Perl
Perl Data Types
Perl Variables
Perl Operators
Perl Lists
Perl Arrays
    Array Size
    Array Length
Perl Hashes
Perl Statements
    Perl if
    Perl unless
    Perl switch
    Perl while
    Perl do-while
    Perl until
    Perl do-until
    Perl for
    Perl foreach
Built-in Perl Functions
    Functions by Category
        String Functions
        Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching
        List Functions
        Array Functions
        Hash Functions
    Functions in alphabetical order

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