Perl Tk Tutorial

A good Perl Tk Tutorial will help you to learn how to use Perl Tk module in your Perl scripts.

Perl being used as one of the most popular languages, you can accomplish with it a wide range of tasks including system administration, web development, network programming, and more.

And now, by using Perl/Tk set of modules and code, you can make very easy widgets and programs with GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) – in Perl5+ applications.

Created by Professor John Ousterhout of the University of California, Tk is a part included in the TCL scripting language and it has a lot of built in objects, very useful in creating GUI applications.

Tk was included into many scripting languages, and Perl doesn’t make exception from this. So you can enjoy the Perl Tk module facilities for your graphical user interfaces.

You can download Perl Tk from and other sources. Installing Perl Tk is beyond the scope of this page.

There are many tutorials for Perl Tk and I chose for you two tutorials which I recommend. But before, I expect you to know the Perl programming in order to understand the code and the examples used in tutorials. If you don’t, please do a step behind and read first a tutorial about Perl.

I’ll present here only the most important features of these tutorials and it’s up to you to check them out. I recommend you to take your time and read these tutorials in the order I present bellow. Before going on with the tutorials, please note that the 2 tutorials presented below are not an exhaustive documentation about the Perl Tk, if you want to see all the features of the module, please read the Perl Tk manual, at:


First Perl Tk tutorial is about some features of the Perl Tk module and you’ll find it at the following address:

Perl Tk Tutorial - some main features of the Perl Tk module

It’s an online tutorial and you can navigate from page to page or use the contents page in order to access some links. You’ll learn there what the widgets are and you’ll be guided step by step through some important widgets available in the module, the options and the commands associated with them. So, you’ll learn about the next widgets, grouped by categories:

  • Button, Entry, Label
  • Frame, Text, Scrollbar, Scale
  • Radiobutton, Checkbutton
  • Listbox
  • Menubutton, Menu, Optionmenu
  • Canvas, Message, Adjuster, Scrolled
At the end of the tutorial, you’ll also learn some other elements provided by Tk module, from which we mention: Dialogs, Geometry Management, and some main options and commands of the widgets. There are a lot of short and punctual examples which help you understand the elements of the Perl Tk module.

Second tutorial will show you some mini applications about Perl Tk module. In this Perl Tk tutorial, Lee and Brett will show you both the annotated code used in the application and the results associated with it. You can see these tutorial by accessing the page:

Mini Applications about Perl Tk Module

You will see in 31 slides code-results of this Perl Tk Tutorial, the following examples of applications:

  • A graphical user authentification application
  • The Contractor’s Pay Calculator
  • RadioButtons interface with a Tk program
  • Change a date graphically
There it is explained and exemplified how you can: create a window, add a menubar, add choices to a menubar, add frames to a window, add labels to a frame, and much more.

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