Perl Tutorial

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A Perl tutorial must always be a valuable resource to help you better understand some topics. Having this in mind, I tried to organize my site in such a way that you get the most out of every visit you pay.

My Perl Basics section makes available to you a large variety of topics where you are guided step by step, through comprehensive examples.

So, you'll have the opportunity to accommodate yourself with topics like:

  • how to install Perl
  • how to run Perl scripts
  • how to use variables and operators
  • how to deal with the three built-in data types - scalar, arrays and hashes
  • how to use the built-in functions
  • how to use regular expressions
  • how o use Perl statements - if, unless, while, until, do-while, do-until, switch, for and foreach
  • and much more

In this Perl tutorial, a special attention is paid to built-in functions. For every function is provided the available syntax forms as well as simple examples to help you learn the main features of this function.

For a more complex perspective, there are shown more elaborate examples where you need to use together more topics to achieve the result that you expect.

Practically, almost each page of my site is thought as a part of this tutorial, giving you a lot of examples meant to improve your Perl programming skill.

But there is more than that, for those of you who want to dive deeper in the meaning of Perl topics, I created special for you a collection of snippets where you can find a lot of ways to deal with the most important topics of Perl script.

I grouped these topics in a series of PDF eBooks, click the links below to see what you can find inside:

Or you can click this link Perl Tutorial to get instant access to the online resource of all those snippets.

In this Perl script tutorial I tried to keep the examples as simple as I could, giving you running examples very easy to understand.