Some well-known modules that allow you to use a Perl Zip file

The Perl Zip file format is a very comfortable way to compress your data in an archival format.

The archives in ZIP format have the extension ".zip" and the MIME media type application/zip.

In Perl language you can use a variety of modules which provide an interface to Zip archive files.

We will present below two well-known modules that allow you use a Perl Zip file.

1. The Archive::Zip Perl module

Developed by Adam Kenneddy, you’ll find this module at CPAN, from where you can download it accessing the page:

Archive::Zip Perl module

Archive::Zip supports only uncompressed members, and compressed members that are compressed using the compression supported by Compress::Zlib (deflated and stored members).

The examples provided by the module author will help you integrate it in your Perl applications. Through the main features of the module, we mention:

  • find out the size of Zip file before creating it
  • copy one Zip file to another
  • extract file(s) from a Zip
  • make and mail a zip file
  • use IO::Scalar as the source of a Zip read
  • self-extracting Zip
  • use Archive::Zip::Tree to unzip an entire Zip
  • read/modify/write a Zip
  • update a Zip in place
  • show how to use IO::Scalar/String as the destination of a Zip write
  • construct a Zip file
  • test file integrity of a Zip file
  • print out information about a Zip archive file
  • search for text in Zip files
  • list a Zip file and checks member CRCs
  • put recent files into a zipfile
  • add, extract and update a directory/tree

2. The Chilkat Perl module

This module for Perl Zip file format is only available for Microsoft Windows computers and can be downloaded by accessing the link:

Chilkat Perl module - for Perl ZIP file format

Chilkat's Perl module is fully-functional for a 30-day trial period. We summarize here some of the most important features of the module:

  • directory tree Zip
  • use memory to append entries to a Zip file
  • use memory to create or open Zip archives
  • create self-extracting Zip with or without interfaces, options to specify a pre-defined unzip directory and an auto-run file, embedding zips in your exe
  • password-protected Zip files
  • use a filename pattern to unzip
  • discard path information and append a path prefix when zipping
  • handle Unicode filenames
  • provide in-memory access to compressed or uncompressed data
  • set exclusion patterns when zipping
  • unzip only files that are newer if necessary
  • read/write comments within a Zip
  • read/write Zips with WinZip-compatible encryption
  • create or decompress the .gz file format
  • create or decompress the .Z file format using LZW compression for UNIX systems
and much more…

Enjoy your zipping/unzipping coding in Perl scripts!

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