Tavrida Perl Editor for Windows - a visual interface to manage scripts through

Developed by Stanislav Tavridovich, Tavrida Perl Editor is written for Windows systems and is meant to be used with Perl scripts. It is designed to look like a Delphi application and has a built-in server in order to test the Perl script.

It is a shareware program and you may try it for 30 days in order to verify its features and capabilities. After the trial period, you must register if you want to continue using it. The visual interface of the editor is like Delphi-C++Builder application interface:

  • a web site is managed as a project and includes a lot of files of different types: HTML, Javascript, Perl, CSS, XML, text, image; you can create a new project, opening an existing one, adding and removing files to and from a project, running and publishing projects, and so on.
  • the main window of the editor has associated:
    • a Tag palette which let you insert standard HTML tags from a toolbar
    • a Tag editor which allows you to set the parameters of the tags and code the associated JavaScript event handlers
    • a Code editor completion feature which helps you write the code quickly

  • the editor let you manage the files (pages, scripts) using some menu options like:
    • creating and opening files
    • printing and viewing existing files
    • running, downloading and publishing files
    • setting files properties
    • using a Perl script Wizard

  • the editor contains a built-in Web server which can handle HTTP-requests, execute Perl scripts and have database support
  • the editor also contains a built-in FTP Client which enables you to download and publish files/projects from or onto a FTP server
  • in order to test your Perl scripts, you can use an integrated debugger which allows to run a Perl script step by step, or until the next setted breakpoint
You can download here Tavrida Perl Editor where you’ll find the Setup.exe file which let you install and configure the editor on your Windows system.

At any moment you can uninstall it using MyComputer→Control Panel→Add/Remove Programs button...

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